You’re tired of trying to be someone you’re not in your work.

You need support and don’t know where to start. You’re not alone.

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This isn’t how you imagined it would be.

You’re a thoughtful and integrity-driven business owner  who appreciates the balance between the intellectual and the visceral: a blend between the head and the heart.

You’re ready for personal and professional expansion and desire a deeper connection with your work and genuine relationship with your clients and community. 

But following mainstream approaches for growth and success has left you feeling lost, fighting against yourself, making you quick to judge your efforts and doubt your innate wisdom.

You’re likely overwhelmed with all that you have to do, and feel unmotivated and disconnected from it all.

Let’s get you connected to who you really are so you can step into who you’re meant to be.

A woman sits on a sofa looking out a window.

Let’s rewrite your operating manual.

How can you be you in your business? How do you not lose yourself in the external pressures to be someone you’re not?

If you’re tired of having the same conversation with yourself, fighting the trap of comparing yourself to others, and getting lost in the chatter of what the business world says you must do, you’re in the right place.

Identity is at the centre of our work, prioritizing your lived experiences to inform our explorations as we discover the right words, tools, and processes for you and your business.

Because who you are is a journey, not a destination, and it’s not separate from your work.
When you know who you are, everything flows from there.

The connection and support to clear the path forward.

The key to aligning with your business is a deeper connection with yourself. As complex beings, the intersectionality of who we are needs to be integrated and honoured in how we show up in our work.

Resonant identity-driven brands are intangible experiences grown from clarity of purpose, honest communication, and intentional practice. These take time to develop and support to cultivate. As we uncover your truth by digging deep and revealing connections, we build a solid brand foundation in which to ground your work.

Thank God for model trains, you know? If they didn’t have the model train they wouldn’t have gotten the idea for the big trains.
— Amber Cole, A Mighty Wind (2003)

In partnership, we’ll identify what you’re ready to get rid of—and what you’re ready to integrate—to move forward.

Together, we structure your work around your values, allowing for fluidity and plenty of room to grow.

You can create a business that honours your personal path.

Portrait of Fin

Hi, I’m Fin.


The journey toward building a business that is aligned with your identity, in which your gifts are allowed to flourish is a rewarding one. It can also leave you feeling frustrated, confused, and defeated. That’s where I come in.

I help you feel less alone as you navigate your way through running a solo business. 

I’m an identity explorer, brand alignment guide, and tech enthusiast who partners with soulful and grounded intellectuals determined to energize their voice and show up fully in their brand, while navigating complex pressures and systemic challenges along the way.

An unabashed TV show connoisseur, literature and movies were my first loves. I draw on both my experiences and my passions in my work, and I love supporting other service-oriented humans in living out their truth.

But enough about me, let’s talk about you…what do YOU think of me?
— CC Bloom, Beaches (1988)

Neurodivergent・Queer・Vegan・Techie Trekkie 🤓🖖🏼

Find me on Instagram.

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