Incredible things happen when we make time for soulful exploration.

You don’t need to have all the answers because you already possess the necessary ones.

It seems like there’s always a difficult choice to be made.

Between the ideals you hold highly and the need to move through imperfection. Between showing up fully and maintaining your personal boundaries. Between unleashing your creativity and succumbing to self-criticism. Between the world’s timing and your own. Most of all, there’s the constant struggle between what you deeply desire and what the world expects of you.

What if you didn’t have to choose? What if you could embrace all parts of yourself and move in the flow of your complex and ever-evolving identity?

Fin standing next to a wooden ladder.

I read them women’s magazines, you know? The ones that tell you how to get a better life. They say, “Go in a new direction.” I wanna say, “Where’s the door? I’ll go but where’s the goddamn door?”
— Stella Claire, Stella (1990)

I’m here to support you on your journey.

It’s hard to connect to your own voice in the din of powerful mainstream narratives of what you “should” be doing and what it means to “make it” as a solo service provider.

Deep down, you know what kind of business you’d like to be running, but you’ve been holding back by questioning yourself at every turn.

I work with you to serve your growth, helping you discover who you want to be in your business right now. I am here to encourage and support you as you deepen your relationship with yourself and your work. Above all, I’m in your corner.

It’s time to go in and access your most valuable resource: yourself.

You can build a brand that honours your personal path.

  • Define who you are on your terms and allow your innate gifts and strengths to flourish in service of your deeper message.
  • Reconnect to your personal narrative to anchor your work in your values and integrity, creating a deeper and more fulfilling connection between you and your business.
  • Identify your people and build engaging relationships with your community around a powerful core message that translates to making a difference, no matter how small.
  • Bring awareness to the mental and emotional patterns that come up for you in order to facilitate clarity and ease tension around your work.

Achieve personal and professional expansion through an identity-driven approach.

Identity-Driven Brand Framework


I offer companionship and an empathetic ear, making space for your story as we explore together. I’m transparent, honest, and real: we strip away what doesn’t serve you as we get clear on what does.

Our work is tailored to your personal needs and depends on where you are in your business. Whatever arrangement we come up with, all engagements include:

  • An in-depth brand reflection questionnaire.
  • Initial (2-hr) brand discovery call via Zoom.
  • Ongoing coaching calls (packages are flexible).
  • Continued support via the Telegram app.

We can start by having a conversation and seeing where we end up.

What to Expect:

Our work together is essentially a series of earnest conversations.

We build trust as we go along. We approach our time together as explorative discussions to help illuminate your path.

We’ll spend time exploring your narrative, clarifying your values, and identifying and moving through the mental/emotional patterns that tend to come up for you causing you to doubt yourself. We’ll also dive into the vision you’d like to manifest for your work and how you’d like to show up for the people you serve. We’ll get curious, ask questions, do some reflection, and bring in playful energy as you land on answers that feel good enough to take action on. Ultimately, all you have to do is show up as you are.

That’s pretty much it. That’s how honest brands, and we in the process, evolve.

Are we right for each other?

The journey of self-discovery/affirmation and running an aligned business is one of continuous exploration and experimentation…it can look a million different ways and I’m here to walk alongside you as you shape your path. If you understand that shifts mostly happen incrementally, in the everyday, as you courageously practice your commitment to ongoing growth (however growth looks for you), both personally and professionally, we’ll get along splendidly!

I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude for your incredible branding strategy and coaching support. I went into our sessions with curiosity and an open mind, and with absolutely no expectation of gaining the clarity I did in such a short amount of time. Your questioning provided a generous amount of supportive space for me to be curious and mind-dump all my disparate ideas, and your coaching was impeccable in helping me to see, and feel, the golden nuggets that were hidden beneath all my mind clutter. I cannot wait to revamp my website with the perfect language we uncovered!

Mara Wai
Mindfulness and Mind-Body Coach

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