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During my social work graduate program, I had a professor, Dr. Schneider, who on the very first day of our social policy course said to us: “If I teach you nothing else over the next two years but this, I’ll have done my job: Always ask, ‘But, why?’”

It’s now 13 years later and I have forgotten pretty much everything about that course except for those two words. This was before I went to design school, where asking why and showing our thought and design processes were an essential part of our course work. No, back then it was the first time someone had said those words so directly, and they resonated with me deeply at the time, hitting at something that I’ve always naturally leaned towards. I am still so curious about ‘why’.

Why is a powerful word. It can uncover wonders! Yes, it can be frustrating at times to answer…but ask it anyway. It can lead you down roads you’re afraid to walk…ask it anyway. You may never be able to answer it fully, ask it anyway.

You’ll now likely ask, “But, why?”

Because when it comes to branding and the running of your business, asking why is at the heart of everything. How you answer the question every step of the way determines the quality of what you put out into the world. Branding is all about intentional effort and consistency in your messaging. When you put thought into your branding and the processes of your work, it shows…and more importantly, it is felt. The journey can feel intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. It may take time to develop and find the answers that resonate, and that’s okay. Life is an ever-evolving experiment, it’s all about moving from one discovery to the next.

Asking why is at the centre of determining who we are. The more genuine the desire to seek answers, the more committed we are to our growth and development. When we forget to ask why, we begin to lose touch with all that drives and defines us. Wisdom lies in asking the right questions, not necessarily in answering them, because, funnily enough, the answers can change over time. You’ll naturally adjust course as long as you keep asking the right questions and revising your answers when needed. In the end, you’ll undoubtedly reach where you’re meant to end up.

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I'm an identity explorer and personal brand consultant supporting those determined to energize their unique voice while navigating complex challenges and systemic pressures along the way. I believe that branding is a spiritual practice, that stories are at the heart of every brand, and that no story is more powerful than your own.

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